About sMRT SOS Dan Buoy

sMRT SOS Dan Buoy

The sMRT SOS Dan Buoy is the coming together of two industry leading man overboard products in the sMRT V100 Alerting Unit and the SOS Dan Buoy. The amalgamation of the two products takes the search out of search and Rescue, in the event of a sighted man overboard incident.

The SMRT SOS Dan Buoy is man overboard equipment, ready for instant deployment. This is a breakthrough that allows this product to save lives not just for professional seafarers and workers in marine environments, but for everyday passengers in any situation.

The sMRT SOS Dan Buoy is provided in an all-weather case which can be mounted anywhere on your vessel. It is an extremely easy to use solution that helps in the eventuality of a man overboard situation and more importantly can be used by anyone without any training.

Within seconds of immersion it inflates and stands 2.0 meters above the water line.  It has webbing loops which allow the person to put their arms around the buoy to help support them when fatigued.

This gives extra support and security while awaiting rescue and the unit is highly visible from 1,700 meters and can be tracked by AIS up to 150 miles away.

Within seconds the internationally approved sMRT V100 Locator Beacon automatically transmits GPS coordinates to your chart plotter via AIS.

Additionally an alarm will immediately be sent to your VHF DSC radio to your captain will be alerted to the MOB incident.

The sMRT SOS Dan Buoy also has a highly visible strobe light for night rescue ensuring that any MOB victim is assured of the best chance of survival irrespective of the conditions

The sMRT SOs Dan Buoy is a clear alternative for super yachts, large passenger vessels and cruise ships, or those facilities, such as, oil rigs and wind farms in which additional safety measures are requirements needed.


SOS Marine stand at METS this week


SOS 2 Person Life Raft


Easy to handle by all age groups.  To see the size, this SOS 2 Person Life raft is carrying 3 persons.

The SOS 2 Person life raft caters for a large percentage of the marine market-the inshore and coastal boaters who usually travel solo or as a couple.
Just throw-it automatically inflates easy to use by all age groups in an emergency situation Weights9.7 Kilos (21.3lbs)