Man overboard equipment-Rescue Ready

SOS is keeping it simple with portable compact equipment

SOS Marine is keeping man overboard rescue “fast & smart” with a family of recovery products. Man overboard happens in an instant no matter how experienced you are. It is an unexpected experience.

Be prepared to – wear a life jacket, you will never want to be caught in the water without one. You will be grateful for being able to lean back and let the jacket keep your head up. Have your crew never to take your eyes of the person overboard and then throw the SOS Dan Buoy to assist marking the person overboard. The SOS Dan Buoy has grab handles for support while waiting rescue.

Always have a long line handy on deck, such as the SOS Reesling. Throw the Reelsling which has 160ft (50M) of floating retrieval line with an added benefit of being reflective for night rescues.

If you are the person overboard, no matter what you think you will feel totally helpless and completely dependent upon your boat or the other boats in the fleet to rescue you. You cannot swim or otherwise help the process other than to keep your head above water, stay calm, save your strength, and wait. It feels like forever waiting for the MOB process to get moving and seconds count in a rescue operation.

Learn to maneuver your boat- seconds count, and even at a slow speed passing by the person in the water happens quickly and each pass takes time and leaves the person in the water that much more susceptible to problems from cold water, waves and other boats.

Have some method to get back on the boat-as it is too late to figure how to get someone tried and exhausted back on board. From the water level, to the topside of your boat it is difficult or impossible to lift a human being in wet clothes over the side of the boat.

The SOS Recovery Ladder is rescue ready and makes for a good plan as it is designed for simplicity and speed, easy to deploy and have ready on deck.

SOS Marine is keeping it simple and bridging the gap by improving affordable rescue equipment for both marine professionals and the leisure industry.

The high quality and unique design of SOS Marine`s equipment is so well respected and highly regarded that 12 National Defence Forces worldwide are experiencing the SOS Australian quality.

SOS high vis ladder
SOS Recovery Ladder compact unit
SOS 2 Person Life Raft
SOS Dan Buoy in action


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